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Regular people, big hearts. 



What makes you come alive and stay alive? What is often overlooked is finding your true heart, often buried beneath obligations and duties that have molded our perceptions of “life.”  This is a brand with passion and purpose, all based on your heart.

The adventure Headwear and gear we make is to not only set you up to tackle the trail, powder, jump or wave but to act as a reminder as to how fortunate we are to take part in these activities. And, you’ll look good doing it… except for the nature lodged in your stoked smile!  A portion of every sale is given back in charity and love.  As a staple of what we are based on, we work not only to make a rad product as a representation of YOU and YOUR heart, but to share, build and encourage those who need it most.

So check out our staple real wood label products and know that they are a unique reminder of where these active activities were born from and where they are going.  The wood surf board and wood set of skis were originally created to Radventure in the outdoors and this passion resonates today with what we are doing.  Each piece is unique, just like you and I.


Whether it is careening down a mountainside, ripping the perfect wave or enjoying the beauty of God’s green Earth, you are invited along for the ride. And on this ride, please, make note to find for yourself what makes YOU come alive.

Guard your HEART above all else, for it determines the course of your life. Proverbs 4:23



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