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White Room

Blog, Musings, Inspiration, Motivation.


The Anchor of HB

David Sunde

HB is a full circle brand revolving around life as an adventure to live yet going above and beyond by giving back and paying forward. Designed and proven to be a favorite to wear, we understand the need to have your apparel perform anytime, anywhere.

Place In This World:

When finding a niche is key to entering a market like this, we pulled up a chair, laid out what is important to us, what makes us thrive, what have we learned, where have we been…  As all of this fit together it was apparent that being real, being us, being who we are will be our niche.  Anything outside of being real to ourselves would be to compromise the purpose of HB as a grassroots business.  Now that the foundation is in place and the work has increased exponentially, so has the desire to share what is a very real and meaningful brand.  As we develop, pour this idea and passion into a tangible yet radical product, what emerges are bits and pieces of our history, technical and useful attributes, unique apparel materials, and an overall product that is a favorite to wear.  So when you see the wood logos, the quick dry t-shirts, hand sewn tags, hand tapped rivets, etc.; know that they are a product of passion, love, and history – both personal and as tribute to the action sport pioneers.


Read more about the foundation of HB and what we are about HERE.