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Signature Wood Labels

David Sunde

“Is that real wood?”  “I haven’t seen that before.”  Are just some of the comments regarding our HB wood labels that I have overheard personally when shoppers or a passerby notice the attention to detail on some of our Woody hats.

It is definitely exciting and encouraging to hear positive feedback on a small detail of a large project in which a lot of time has been spent.  What is cool about it is for HB to enter as a small new action based brand, we almost expect to get lost among the chaos.  However, our perseverance and persistence lays in taking a passion and producing a product line with pouring our energy into the details and overall product creation.  The in-house design, sewing, pressing, sealing, packing, etc., should help convince one that passion with experience can make a powerful combination.  When it comes to our stand alone detail like our wood labels, well they just happen to tell a whole lot more to the story.


Since we were raised in the action sport and music industries, the “woodies” found on our beanies and trucker hats are a physical representation of where things started and where they have come to.  It is hard to argue that surfing was one of the earliest forms of, not only an action sport, but a new “hang loose” attitude towards life.  The pioneers of surf didn’t exactly have a professional shaper down the street, a box brand board available online, or a surf shop to swing by…  They had a tree, an idea, and they created a board.  This story of creating a way of life through wood craftsmanship resonates with skis, wheels, many of those instruments in your favorite song, etc.  A passion, work ethic and a little elbow grease changed the future for so many willing to drop the entitled attitude in exchange for pursuit of passion.  See, what started as an adventure for few people years ago has evolved into a way of life for so many of us today.  And for this we are grateful.


The process of creating a wood design, one that will hold up to the elements above and beyond your expectations, didn’t happen over night.  However, those years of working construction to pay for these “hobbies” and/or “lifestyle” may have saved us serious time in the R&D department.  I can tell you as testament to a product well created we have some of our original test product still in use following rigorous abuse .  The Wasatch mountain range by Salt Lake City, UT, conveniently located out our front door, provided the ultimate proving ground in making sure this unique look will last.  Literally thousands of miles of running, biking, skiing with added elements such as UV rays, dirt grime, freezing temperatures, precipitation and of course the washing machine went in to each piece, only to prove these labels will outlast the Energizer bunny.  Perhaps all of those days of frustration by slivers, smashed thumbs and back-aches have culminated to a product often referred to as “awesome!”


As the innovators of our past were unique and individual in their own right, so are each of the wood labels.  Like you and I are unique in our own right, not one piece is just like the other.  The grains show their age and the age tells their story.  Like the pioneers of these activities we now base our livelihood around, we feel almost obligated to put forth the effort into our apparel as had gone into the original surf board.  If we can pay tribute, create something unique, earn a living and pursue something that makes us come alive, I would say this has turned into a winning situation.

Cheers, pioneers!