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White Room

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Resolve Today

David Sunde

I’m sure I can relate with many people who have a bitter aftertaste towards new years resolutions of past…  At least as a whole.  It has nothing to do with setting goals, working towards a better you, or a better surrounding because these things are fantastic!  It has more to do with the daunting task of trying to fulfill monumental achievements immediately instead of over the course of a year.  These goals weigh too heavy and will break your spirits quickly.  It is an all too familiar sight a mere few days after January 1st and many goals have already “fallen”.  Well, get back up.

The greatest way to achieve your goals is attacking one day at a time.  Simple, right?  The idea, yes.  The task, not really…  This is because we’re motivated now, not next month.  Thanks to the resolution proclaimed on NYE.

Bench pressing 315 pounds doesn’t happen with the turning of the calendar.  Losing those extra pounds doesn’t happen over night.  The same can be said about savings accounts, relationships, work achievements, running a marathon, traveling the world, etc.  This is why so many new years resolutions are washed down the drain so quickly. We are taking a whole years worth of desired gains, strapping them on your back January 1st, and many buckle under pressure around January 7th…


Personally I’ve learned (the hard way) that taking the approach of one day at a time is the only way to achieve a goal.  By all means, make a new years resolution, shoot for the stars, but make a plan to get there by December 31st.  Write down your list of goals for the year, but don’t stop there.  Next write a list of what it will take to get there.  Then break down what it will take to get there into a daily plan, and do it in a way that is easy to check off a list.  This shows progress.  And progress feels awesome!

What can you do (or not do) today that will bring you one step closer to this goal?  For example, lets look at this idea in terms of cleaning the house.  If you write “clean house” on the to-do list, it is easy to procrastinate cleaning until tomorrow.  Instead, break this list down into multiple chores like “vacuum the living room”, “wash the dishes”, etc.  Items that will take minutes to do AND give you something to check off.  Soon you’ll find that checking these small yet attainable items off of the list will help you build momentum to get more done.  It is a fuel for the fire.  This once daunting task will now sneak up on you faster than imagined.  And how did that feel?

Can you fall asleep tonight knowing that you took that one step towards your goal?