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White Room

Blog, Musings, Inspiration, Motivation.


Hide and Seek

David Sunde

The hurt, the pain, the love, the joy, the worry, the peace, the heart-ache, the heart-leap.  All of this wrapped up makes a day, a week, a month, a year.  We strive, we run, we hide, we share, we pull away, we embrace… and start all over again.  Another day, another hope, another fear, another reality.  Lost in this reality is you, the real you, the true YOU, and why?  The hurt, the pain, the love, the joy, the lessons learned and the fears feared all pushing towards the thought of “maybe tomorrow?”  But what about today?  What about you? What about the dreams, the goals, the love, the joy, the peace?  It won’t come tomorrow without first living today.  Today has never happened before, today will never happen again.  Tomorrow isn’t a guarantee until we live out today.  Will we really live?  Will we just get by?  Will we come alive or take steps toward our grave?  Your heart is beating now.  Each beat is one closer to its last and one further from its first.  We don’t have the net until we have the last, we don’t have the last until we have the now.  It’s the now that is who we are, where we are, when, what and why.  But these are variables and these can be altered with your actions and choices, emotions, dreams and desires.  Take what makes you, you, and take that step.  Walk that walk.  Dream that dream.  And don’t look back.  Look ahead, look up, look around, and grasp the now.  Hold on to the present and shake the dust.  What makes you come fully alive, what makes your heart beat faster, what makes the joy well up inside you… That is the you, the true you.  So hold it, remember it, embrace it, AND LIVE IT!