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White Room

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Do It Yourself

David Sunde

In a day of modern consumerism, it has become apparent that once basic survival skills in day to day are becoming extinct.  There are now TV shows and books calling you “Dummies” about fixing cars, giving a house a makeover, installing or fixing daily used appliances, etc.

There was once a day when I was upset, frustrated, even angry that I couldn’t just buy a brand new machine that was ‘plug and play’ or ‘gas and go’.  In hindsight, however, I couldn’t be more grateful by learning how to make do with what I had.  Because of this, I learned the value of a dollar, the physics of products in their working and non working order, and well… backyard engineering to fix these.  Even better, I’ve learned the skills and finesse to use my hands to fix the junk I’ve made do with and then transfer these skills to make art.  Useable, beautiful, wood surfboard art.  Wearable, unique, hand made headwear and apparel.  These skills will come full circle for you as they did for me.

It is amazing what learning to do something for yourself can do for you.  Physically, mentally, financially.  Is it worth it every time?  Maybe not.  But for instance changing oil in your vehicle.  Give it a shot.  Youtube has everything you’ll need to learn.  Even Wal-Mart will have everything to do it.  Not only will you learn a basic maintenance skill but you’ll feel accomplished, learn more about what is keeping you on the road and keep you attentive to basic mechanics.  Try painting a room in your house or apartment.  Mow the lawn, trim a tree, plant a tree, draw a tree.  It isn’t all about your time, cost, value in doing these but more in developing your motor skills, knowledge, and personal satisfaction and confidence.  Try it and see what blossoms.