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What. When. Where. Why. Who.

 Heart.  Life.  Adventure.

Heart.  Life.  Adventure.


As a brand with a purpose, the goal is to BE more and DO more than one would expect.  The foundation is your heart. 

Live. Do. Give.

The Brand

HB is a full circle brand revolving around life as an adventure to live yet going above and beyond by giving back and paying forward. Designed and proven to be a favorite to wear, we understand the need to have your apparel perform anytime, anywhere while telling a story. Your story.

HeartBeatFaster lives from the heart, through and through. We are registered as a for profit company in order to self generate funds through headwear and apparel with the ultimate desire to live from the heart and create the change in the world we want to see. A minimum of 20% of sales (more than many charities) is used to give back with a focus on creating opportunity for kids, homeless and hurting. Real lives are touched through your heart, through your purchase.


We are all given the same foundation. A beating heart and a choice. Our Heart is to be doers, not talkers. And our choice is to walk with you, lend a hand whether it is to pick you up or give a high five.


What makes you come alive and stay alive? What is often overlooked is finding your true heart, often buried beneath obligations and duties that have molded our perceptions of “life.”  This is a brand with passion and purpose, all based on your heart.

Guard your HEART above all else, for it determines the course of your life. Proverbs 4:23